Monday, March 30, 2009

You tube

I like looking up relics from "back in the day" on You tube ... like this one:

I also like that you can watch music videos. Not so much for the video (I've never been a fan of the medium), but it's at least a way to call up a song on demand to figure out if you like it, or want to hear more from a new band.


I started playing with podcasts a couple of years ago, but it never really went anywhere for me. I haven't been able to find the time to listen to them. A friend suggested that I download them to my iPod and listen on my way to and from work. I tried this once, and quickly decided it wasn't for me. Generally speaking, I was interested in funny podcasts, and I found that laughing to myself was just too embarassing.

In the meantime, whenever I log into iTunes at home, the subscription that I set up keep chugging away! Maybe someday I'll have enough downtime to give them a listen.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I've been a long time user of the Google toolbar - very handy. Only made better by the introduction of Google's own browser - Chrome. I have made the switch at home, but still use Firefox here at work.

I've installed Greasemonkey and LibX, as well as the coloured tabs .... just for fun. :)

If only LibX and it's ilk didn't have to rely on notoriously unreliable ISBN data, I'd love it that much more.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Social networking

I've been a facebook user for a couple of years now. I signed on relatively early, and recall wondering what the big deal was. Little did I know.

Since then, I have witnessed friends become engaged on facebook, found long lost pals from the days of old, connected with family members that I never get to see in person, seen first glimpses of babies near and dear to my heart, videos of friend's kids dancing and taking steps, silly drunken photos of my friends having a wee bit too much fun on the weekends, and differing views of weddings I attended, or was too busy being a bridesmaid to catch all the fun. These have all been wonderful things.

I have also seen people accidentally humiliate themselves because they didn't realize their actions would be posted, seen photos of people in situations that I am sure they didn't expect others to see, been "friended" by people from the old days that I didn't care much for to begin with (and vice-versa), and witnessed fights and jabs of high school proportions .... sometimes I can't believe what people will do online! I mean, didn't we all grow up and move past childish gossip and mean-spiritedness? And, since when was I friends with someone who treated me terribly in the past?

I have struggled with my connection to facebook. In the end, I have chosen to keep my account because the good outweighs the bad. I've found ways to integrate it into my professional life, and well ... I don't know how I would conduct my social life without it! It's funny how soon it becomes a part of your routine. As long as each user is well aware of their privacy options, and make sure that they cover their tracks to keep what they let others see in their control, I think it is a lot of fun. And, I also learned that the "remove friend" option is always a possibility. Whether you just can't stand to hear what someone is making for dinner yet again, or you find yourself reliving memories that you didn't want to in the first place, always remember that you are in control!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

citations on library thing

WOW -- very cool feature I just found on Library Thing!  You can select your preferred style and copy a full citation for the works in your account.  No competition for Refworks, but pretty ccol nonetheless.

Again with the instructions


Library thing

Well, I thought that I had a librarything account, but since I tried entering every email address I have used in the past two years, I suppose I am mistaken?? No matter, I am having fun creating a new one. Especially in the profile section where it asks what other services you are on. I am noticing these things more and more ever since I became more aware of the power of the semantic web. I like to think that I am positioning myself to be able to dive right in once it becomes more fully developed. At the very least, I got myself an OpenID with the username "janeschmidt". But I digress ...

Oh yeah ... Library Thing is our task for the week! The trick for me is to remember to keep going back to update it! But then again, that is my problem with all of these fun gadgets. They are passing fancies for me, unless I find some friends who are also active users. Gives me motivation to go back.

Main problem with Library Thing is that I don't really do too much leisure reading these days. I read a lot of current events and websites, so it doesn't leave much room for fiction. Ah, to be retired ....